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Modifié le : 23/10/2007

Un mini patchwork - A mini quilt or "Honey, I shrunk the quilt!"

Crédit photo : Isabelle Ferry-Quilici

Surfing on the TreadleOn pages, I found this model designed by Captain Dick.

As I intended to sew a mini quilt with my hand crank Singer VS3, I decided to machine piece a quilt with this design but with 3" blocks (finished).

The machine was a 1930 one, the design very similar to a Kansas City Star's old block and it was possible to order 1930's reproduction fabrics by J.Rothermel.

So I can present :

"Les années 1930" 14"1/2 x 11" 1/2 (37 x 29.5cm)

Detail . Pieced and quilted with non electrical (hand crank) Singer machine.

Détail . Piécé et matelassé avec une machine Singer non électrique à manivelle.

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